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Bluestone+Killion is all about sharing the knowledge that makes you successful in your business and career. To supplement out training courses and help spread our messages we have written a series of books.

We share them here so you can review them and decide if they will help you take the next step in managing your career growth,

Some reiews from other buyers:

Bluestone writes clearly and compellingly of passion, purpose and contribution with authenticity and depth.
And instead of just talking about concepts like attitude, branding, networking, communicating and connection, he provides a clear "how to" approach on each that is a user-friendly manual of exactly how to do it ourselves.
As a former trainer and coach for a large networking organization, I thought I knew exactly how to leverage relationships through giving. Boy was I missing out! I didn't realize how much more FUN life and business can be when we stop seeing our network as purely business-related and look at it holistically.
As a current college student set to graduate this spring, I know how important networking can be. However, Jack's book illustrates the real necessity networking is to achieving and maintaining a successful career. The book has a perfect balance between personal examples that illustrate the importance of networking and how to do it correctly, and strategies to make the most out of your networking experience. I can see this book being a great resource and a constant reminder as to how important networking can be, especially when you are feeling a bit stuck. I highly recommend this book to everyone, because networking is never finished and is something we could all improve on.

network: all the time, everywhere with everybody: Master Your Life & Career

All the vital lessons I have learned over the past 40 years about networking and developing win-win relationships are packed into this book.
The book will shorten your learning curve as you develop and start to use your own much stronger networking and relationship development skills.
The enhanced skills you develop as a result of learning from this book will yield huge personal and professional benefits for you.
Lessons learned from this book have the potential to be a life changer for you and your family.

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Harnessing the Power of Relationships

Networking expert, Andy Bluestone, asks you to take off your cold-calling hat and spend a little time enjoying the relationships you’ve already built. Learn how to leverage your contacts, motivate others to help you, and track your success, all while living in the most powerful place in the world—the space of conscious giving. Through stories, techniques, and simple action items, Andy reveals an easy system for building a business and a life through the power of relationships.

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Business Development Tool Kit: Networking in the 21st Century

Andy Bluestone has nailed down the skills, techniques and new ways of thinking for networking in the 21st century. Business Development is about creating opportunities and recognizing the strength our relationships have to offer. This workbook will get you thinking and help you take action by using worksheets, tools and tips to become better at relationship development and generate growth in your business

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Creative Thinking Handbook

Andy Bluestone, author of 'Harnessing the Power of Relationships' shares his thoughts, techniques and tips on how to develop the critical skills necessary for creating and maintaining relationships in business and our personal lives. Through examples in short idea and story format, Creative Thinking Handbook is a how to guide that will be picked up and put down many times as one sorts through the articles of interest and apply to daily relationships.

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