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Since networking is such an important skill it makes sense that we each understand exactly where we stand with our "NQ Pulse", our Networking Quotient. It's essential that we know.

Once we have a clear assessment of our "NQ Pulse" we can take steps and access key resources to help us improve these vital life and career enhancing skills

Take the Bluestone + Killion "NQ Pulse" test. It will take you less than 10 minutes. See immediately where you stand! Understanding your NQ profile could be one of the more important things you learn about yourself.


Bluestone + Killion, LLC evolved from Andy Bluestone and Jack Killion's passion about the importance of successful networking and relationship development for every business professional. Andy and Jack have been using networking as a key skill in development of their various highly successful businesses they started and grew in various industry niches including financial services, publishing, real estate development, manufacturing and more. Combined they have over 60 years of successful networking and client development experience generated from networking one-on-one, at events and by being involved as leaders in various professional and personal groups. Their networking experiences are international in scope.