Client Development and Management Service

In developing the Bluestone+Killion model for delivering high impact networking and client development skills to difference makers in major professional firms and corporations we have spotted a need that goes beyond the coaching workshops that we provide on site for client organizations. We found that "C" level leaders of most professional firms and corporations have a major need for their organizations to have much better process for managing the creation and ongoing development of new and existing client relationships.Typically, in the majority of organizations that we have seen over the years, there is no accountability for this critical process. So, managing the development of critical relationships with clients and potential clients falls through the cracks leaving a long list of key questions going unanswered.

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Custom Solutions

Bluestone+Killion LLC will work with you and other leaders in your company to develop the right program to coach your key people, the ones who can impact the profitable growth of your business, to develop and apply exceptional networking skills that will lead to new clients and greater involvement with existing clients.

Andy Bluestone and Jack Killion have been developing and benefiting professionally and personally from their own networks for many, many years in various industry niches and on a global basis. They will capitalize on their extensive networking experiences to develop the solutions needed within your own organization to unleash the networking potential of your difference makers.

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Networking Seminars

Half day and full day Bluestone+Killion networking seminars are held at various locations throughout the U.S. and globally for difference makers in various organizations to come together for an intensive learning opportunity focused on providing difference makers with relevant and actionable information on how to network and build ongoing win-win relationships for both professional and personal reasons. Seminars can also be held at your location exclusively for your team of key people with the ability and responsibility for helping to drive the successful development of your organization. A minimum of 10 people from your organization is recommended for on-site seminars.

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Networking Workshops

The benefits from improving the ability of your key people to network and develop client relationships more effectively are enormous. The Networking Workshop Series is a valuable tool for your organization to make this happen.We will teach and coach your key people to be much better networkers and client developers in a series of workshops held at your facility at times convenient for your team. We adjust the workshop series to meet the specific goals and culture of your organization. Normally we recommend a four part workshop series with two to three weeks in between each workshop to allow participants to practice the techniques and approaches they are learning. Each workshop in the series takes three hours of highly interactive learning.

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One-On-One Coaching Can be Matched to Your Needs

For the busy "C" level executive leading his or her organization or for the entrepreneur leading a new venture a highly customized program of one-on-one networking coaching potentially can have a huge impact on the organization's performance as well as the individual's career path. The coaching objectives and schedule will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the person being coached and the organization he or she is helping to lead and develop. Every series of one-on-one networking coaching starts with a complimentary initial diagnostic discussion in person when convenient or by phone or by Skype when a one-on-one meeting is not possible.

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