Accelerate Your Career

Your network is your most important resource

In this highly competitive, rapidly changing global economy the single most important resource anyone can develop is the depth and quality of their network contacts in every aspect of their lives.

Networking should be an important part of every motivated person's daily routine. Sharpening and capitalizing on networking efforts and skills can be one of the most important and effective ways of accelerating your career.

How successful networking can accelerate your career

No matter your role in your current employer organization you can substantially increase your importance – and therefore your earning power and advancement potential – by leveraging your networking connections to benefit your employer's successful growth.

And clearly, if and when you are looking for new and better career opportunities, turning to your own carefully developed and very robust personal network is certainly more likely to uncover important new opportunities faster than applying and sending your resume for jobs posted online.

Can you visualize the power of being able to email a message describing exactly the next career opportunity you are seeking and asking for help in turning up potential situations to your own personal network of 500 or 1,000 connections?

The time to be building a healthy network is now, long before you ever need it. It takes time to really connect with people and develop the bond of trust necessary for both of you to be willing and able to help each other. Too many otherwise smart people ignore the importance of growing a vibrant broadly based network of personal and business connections. Don't make this mistake.

Bluestone+Killion LLC can help you develop your own networking skills and community

Both of us have built very successful careers in multiple industries by becoming really skilled at networking. We can share these same skills with you if:

  • we are brought into your current company to coach you and other key people to be successful networkers.
  • we coach you one-on-one to sharpen your networking tools. We can do this in person, by phone or by Skype.
  • you attend one of our next networking seminars. Contact us for dates and locations.

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