Enhance Your Life

Every single aspect of your life and the lives of your family members potentially can be enhanced substantially through the network of professional and personal connections that you (and they) develop.

The extent and quality of your network of connections will determine, perhaps more than any other single factor, the quality of life that you and your family will lead. The cost and effort to build a really robust network of exceptional connections is so minimal everyone should be working hard to make it happen.

Who, where, when, with whom to network

The answer is easy. Almost everyone, everywhere, all the time and with everybody.

Teenagers should certainly be taught to network effectively. So should grandparents. We are never too young or too old to learn to improve our networking skills. Business cards with creative titles are always a great gift!

  • Talk with everyone you meet. Forget about being shy or not being comfortable meeting new people or not knowing what to say. These are excuses that will short change your life.
  • Develop networking one-on-one skills. Listen more and talk less.
  • Learn to pick and network at the right events and in the right groups.
  • Get great at giving back and connecting others.
  • Be really good at staying connected.

Ways that networking can enhance your life

If you use it, your network will be the basic source for all the good things you want to accomplish and experience in your life. It will be how you learn about all the good: things for your kids, books to read and plays to see, places to visit and vacation, stores to shop, doctors to use, clubs to join, restaurants to enjoy, universities to attend and majors to study, career opportunities for your other family members, cars and bikes to buy, lawyers, accountants, financial planners and investment advisors to use.... and everything else in your life.

You get the picture. Surround yourself with and use a truly great network of quality people, and your life will be an amazing adventure.

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