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Relationship Development

What is a Network? A network is group of people that have links to one another. These links are most common through work, career activities, family, neighbors, friends, community, religion...the list keeps going on. An aspect that clearly defines and differentiates anyone to someone in your network is the support system. People in the same network lend support, give advice and are available for friendship and help. Think of it this way..a circle with many circle of relationships

Often these circles are interrelated and the circle of influencers know one another through your network.

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B+K Helping Accountants Get Sales

At Bluestone+Killion we recognize that accountants aren't likely to implement a particular sales strategy or tactic to acquire new clientele unless it's part of an overall behavioral plan. But, a behavior plan needs to be supported by the appropriate habitual training with the proper attitude and outlook. This is exactly what Bluestone+Killion network development training is designed to do. Our training addresses all three areas necessary for success—attitude, behavior and technique. We have also found that consistent organizational culture is a struggle for any company. And when new client acquisition lags, existing clients leave (for a multitude of reasons), you want solutions that not only restart your organization's engine, but also lay the foundation for long-term growth.

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Successfully Networking at Events

Every year I attend trade shows, conferences, and other events to learn, to network, and to broaden my understanding of my business practices. While there, I enjoy catching up with colleagues, the interaction with other attendees at break-out sessions, listening to the keynote speaker, and it seems I always take away something valuable. My goal is to take away at least one new idea, one new contact and one new product solution for our clients. While a day or two away from my normal routine can be a welcome break, I always reflect on what I will really gain before accepting an invitation or sending in my registration.

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$$ Benefits of B+K Training & Coaching

Attendees will develop new business opportunities due to the networking training, coaching, and business development workshops.

We base our assumptions on the 80/20 rule of thumb. Average size networking/business develop class size is 30.

The B+K program will produce $3,000,000 in additional revenue to the firm over the next 10 years.

This is how we get there:

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Growing Your Business

Your business needs to grow in multiple ways in order to continue and thrive. There are obviously many contributors to the successful growth of your business. You will develop new products and services. You will penetrate new markets including both geographical and vertical niche ones. You will add to your sales and marketing budget. Your management team gets even more skilled and experienced.

Networking can help you grow your business
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