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Jack Killion Interviewed by Steve Adubato

Jack Killion Interviewed by Steve Adubato

Our own Jack Killion had the opportunity to discuss Networking with Steve Adubato1. This 7 minute interview, broadcast on the New Jersey Network, gave Jack the chance to challenge the myths about Networking and explain that it is an essential skill that can be taught.

Said Killion "I think Networking is equal as a skill to reading, writing and arithmetic. I think it should be taught in every school in the country and I think it is one of the ways people can really enhance their lives, their family lives, accelerate their careers and drive the profitable growth of the companies they are with.."

He went on to explain how Bluestone+Killion was helping train people to harness the power of networking. Watch this video, share it with your friends and see if Bluestone+Killion can help you or your company.

[1] Steve Adubato, Ph.D. (born October 7, 1957) is an American author, broadcaster, motivational speaker and politician. Also a university lecturer, Emmy Award-winning television news anchor, and Star-Ledger columnist, he earlier served in the New Jersey General Assembly in the mid-1980s as New Jersey's youngest state legislator at age 26.

Video provided by Caucus: New Jersey, an Emmy Award-winning public-affairs television series, also broadcast on the New Jersey Network.

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