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An Observation

In many corporate and professional organizations we see too much being done within silos.

In the course of developing our business model for providing networking and client development coaching and training to "C" level executives and their teams, we quickly discovered how poorly internal networking is being done within the majority of organizations. Apple and Disney being two possible exceptions. They "get it." They know their people need to work together if they are to generate great products.

In many corporate and professional organizations we see too much being done within silos, with very little interaction between the silos and even limited interaction within the silos at the various levels of seniority.

Weak internal networking limits two things that can be critically important to the growth of your business. First it limits your organization's ability to cross sell complimentary services and products that can very positively impact your clients. We see this often in major CPA and law firms where we believe big bucks are being left on the table and all client (professional and personal) needs are not being met. In addition, the deficiency of successful internal networking slows the development of younger employees. These key people lack sufficient time with the organization's leaders to develop a really integrated view of everything their organization can do for its clients and it limits their access to potentially vital role models.

To get a sense of how much internal networking is going on within your organization think about how often you personally are having coffee or lunch with other members working in other parts of your organization. Are you making a conscious effort to spend quality time with some of your rising stars? Are you being a good mentor? Do you have a good mentor within your organization?

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