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An easier way to meet someone in your network

An easier way to meet someone in your network

Why does meeting someone in your network seem so daunting? Is it the confidence in your own ability to connect? Could it be the environment you are in at the times you network?

Meeting the right people in your network seems harder than ever – we are all so busy and have a small band width to spend the necessary time to network.

There is a paradox in meeting, spending time and procuring new business: we are more connected than ever before, through social media and online networking. At the same time, we are more disconnected than ever before.

Our computers, Smartphones and Blackberries make the connection faster than ever before but just because we connect faster, are we really connecting? I’m not sure it’s better, in fact I would argue the reliance on technology connections reduces the opportunity to make genuine connections that last a lifetime. You can’t make a ‘real’ connection through email, texting or friending.

The very act of being face to face creates an entirely different connection. You observe the body language, listen to voice inflections and look into their eyes to make that connection really stick. This is when the true connection happens, that belly to belly moment – one on one.

Go for it; pick up the phone and make a date for lunch. That is right, we all eat lunch during the day – this very act 3- 4 times a week will provide valuable connections that will enhance your business and your life. Try this for 3 months, then 6 months, then 1 year and so on. Never eat alone. Pick up the phone, call someone in your network and invite them out to lunch today.

Lunch tips:

  • Join a club – us it for breakfast and lunch
  • Make the lunch date convenient to the other party
  • Do not order alcohol
  • Eat a light fare, keep the ordering process simple
  • Do not answer your phone or check email during lunch
  • Try to limit lunch time to 45 minutes
  • Show up 10 minutes early
  • Find a ‘quiet’ table
  • Sit at a 4 top and sit cattycorner
  • Pick up the tab
  • Order only 1 simple course
  • Try to know the name of the server and use it
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