Clair's Success

Networking is an attitude, a way of like, something we do not just turn on and off. When to network? Always network. Think about your commute…what do you do? Think of your car as an educational vehicle. Start with your desire to learn. We are inundated with technology, and choose to spend our time on non productive outcomes. Think of listening to books and expanding your knowledge.

  • Networking expands our knowledge, improves our life.
  • Networking produces business and expands your life.
  • Thinking of networking as your lifetime mission…to meet as many interesting people as you possibly can. Make it a game, a game you can win.
  • Building your network will not only improve your business life and will create more personal relationships and a more fulfilling life.
  • Did you ever wonder where to go to dinner, a long weekend with your spouse or friend? A network will help bring you information you did not have before.

Introverts or those who think they are also terrific networkers….think about it this way. Everyone has a passion for something. Biking, hiking, running, swimming…etc. Join a club, get involved with your passion. Every community has a recreation department…here you can find a bunch of people that share your passion. Start with your passion.

I have a friend, Clair, who is a swimmer and scuba diver. Clair hates to go to parties, feels she just will not be able to start a conversation, but the same person I have seen in a group of people who like to scuba dive… can she talk!! I encouraged her to join a club in town. The local YMCA has a scuba class and organizes trips to the Cayman Islands every year. They go as a group, stay at the Hyatt with 2 dives per day. That’s a lot of down time to meet and hang out. Clair is an accountant …her firm’s compensation package is designed for the rainmakers. Those that can bring in new business. Clair felt stuck, having been with the firm for 8 years with only a 3% raise each of the last 3 years. Compelled to meet more people, she started going to chambers meetings, felling unproductive she stopped going…then we met.

In the last 5 years, Clair has been to the Cayman Islands several times and Bali too, with the same group. As a matter of fact Clair is the organizer of these trips. She has generating new business and made some long term personal relationships. All following her passion. The most important part, Clair found her lifetime mate. She is now married, yes to a scuba diver!!