Connecting Our 12 year Old With The Pitching Coach Of The Yankees

When our son was in 8th grade he was away for most of the summer with his mom/my wife Judy traveling to/from Alaska in a pick up. I was missing them both and wanted to do something special. At the time Jonathan was a good baseball player as a switch hitting pitcher and short stop. Being a life time Yankee fan I thought it was be pretty cool if I could get Jonathan to meet and learn from Russ Meyers, the Yankee pitching coach at the time. I sent Russ Meyers a cold letter which he responded to almost immediately by phone suggesting I bring Jonathan into the stadium when he got back from his summer trip.

Almost 20 years later Jonathan still talks about the great meeting he had with the Yankee pitching coach who stayed in touch with Jonathan for several years prior to his passing. Russ Meyers would call or write to Jonathan asking about school, his baseball experiences and just generally how he was doing. One winter, following their initial meeting, Judy took Jonathan down to the Yankee’s winter camp in Florida where they again met one on one with the coach.

One of the key lessons we all learned from this exceptional experience is the power of cold calling which, under the right circumstances, really can lead to important outcomes.