Creating Career Opportunities For Our Son.

We have an awesome 28 year old son who has always done quite well on his own, i.e. good high school student/athlete, double major in accounting and finance at Georgetown University who has collected an amazing network of quality friends while also serving as the President of the NJ Georgetown Alumni Club. When it came time to start looking for a post college job it certainly helped that his mom had a solid, high level connection and could open the door for Jonathan to be considered for full time employment at Deloitte & Touché, one of the premier accounting firms.

Jonathan spent his first three years after Georgetown working on the audit side of Deloitte getting important exposure to quality people, a quality organization and quality major clients. He never had to go through the nerve wracking experience of landing his first job out of college. In these tough economic times, personal networking might be the only way to open doors for your kids.

It also didn’t hurt that, when Jonathan started thinking about his next career move – auditing wasn’t going to be his thing – that I could introduce him to a couple of the partners at Carl Marks Advisors, a New York based investment banking & turn around re-structuring firm. At the time Carl Marks was looking to add a new analyst with a solid accounting background.

Now, a little over three years later, Jonathan is clearly in a spot where he thrives and where he is quickly learning the keys to successfully turning around a range of companies in a broad group of industries.

Just from two simple introductions to quality decision makers in quality organizations Jonathan has started to build a really substantial career path that will only lead him to more exciting opportunities in the future.