Comments from our recent 5-Day Workshop


The information that I was able to get out of today's session is much more than anticipated. The presenters did a great job in engaging conversation and producing an environment where people were comfortable enough to be honest and offer the opinions.

I enjoyed meeting you and Andy too. I appreciate your war stories and have been working on putting your ideas into practice.

I really enjoyed the first class with you and Andy. You both have unique personalities and I think you feed well off of one another. We can be a little bit of a quiet group, but since you are both so friendly I think it will help put people at ease and feel more comfortable speaking up. I personally am better one on one or in small groups than I am in a big group. One of my personal goals is to improve on that by the end of the course. So if I don't speak up at least once every class, feel free to call me out!

One of the things I am working on is a list of people I would like to meet. That's a tough one – since I don't know who I don't know! I'm starting instead with a list of the kinds of people I would like to meet, then working backwards. It's an interesting exercise.

I enjoyed the first class on Wednesday. I am looking forward to the series and getting into the details. Both you and Andy have shared a lot of great stories as a result of your years of networking.

I just had some success in applying what we discussed this morning. In short, I just set up a dinner with a contact and his wife (as well as my husband). Perhaps just meeting with you guys in this program gave me the confidence to take some relationships to the next level!

I am very impressed by your knowledge, experience, humor, and passion. I wish I could be like you, unfortunately I have a long way to get there

I learned a lot. It was nice to see others have difficulty networking.

It is my pleasure to know you and to learn from you!.

I am enjoying this and focusing on the future of some things I would like to accomplish.