Feedback on Our Multi-Day Networking Workshop Series

This is a selection of unedited and unsolicited comments from participants at our recent One Day Networking Seminars:

I really enjoyed the first class with you and Andy. You both have unique personalities and I think you feed well off of one another. We can be a little bit of a quiet group, but since you are both so friendly I think it will help put people at ease and feel more comfortable speaking up. I personally am better one on one or in small groups than I am in a big group. One of my personal goals is to improve on that by the end of the workshop series. By: K. J

The first workshop was very helpful. I look forward to the next three.By: N.F.

I enjoyed meeting you both. I appreciate your war stories and have been working on putting your networking ideas into practice. By: S.P.

I just had some success in applying what we discussed this morning. In short, I just set up a dinner with a contact and his wife (as well as my husband). Perhaps just meeting with you guys in this program gave me the confidence to take some relationships to the next level! By: J.B.