Successes and Results

Comments from our recent 5-Day Workshop


The information that I was able to get out of today's session is much more than anticipated. The presenters did a great job in engaging conversation and producing an environment where people were comfortable enough to be honest and offer the opinions.

I enjoyed meeting you and Andy too. I appreciate your war stories and have been working on putting your ideas into practice.

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Feedback on Our Multi-Day Networking Workshop Series

This is a selection of unedited and unsolicited comments from participants at our recent One Day Networking Seminars:

I really enjoyed the first class with you and Andy. You both have unique personalities and I think you feed well off of one another. We can be a little bit of a quiet group, but since you are both so friendly I think it will help put people at ease and feel more comfortable speaking up. I personally am better one on one or in small groups than I am in a big group. One of my personal goals is to improve on that by the end of the workshop series. By: K. J

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Agency Management and Training

In 1991 I was a newly appointed General Agent with a major life insurance company. I had no idea, really, what to do about training, recruiting and growing a business. I started with an AMTC (Agency Management and Training) class in Bryn Mawr, PA. After graduation, i was so juiced up, I joined the General Agents and Managers associations. GAMA is a network of insurance management professionals doing exactly what I was to be doing, recruiting, training and supporting a sales force. This network was full of people willing and able to help.

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Connecting Our 12 year Old With The Pitching Coach Of The Yankees

When our son was in 8th grade he was away for most of the summer with his mom/my wife Judy traveling to/from Alaska in a pick up. I was missing them both and wanted to do something special. At the time Jonathan was a good baseball player as a switch hitting pitcher and short stop. Being a life time Yankee fan I thought it was be pretty cool if I could get Jonathan to meet and learn from Russ Meyers, the Yankee pitching coach at the time. I sent Russ Meyers a cold letter which he responded to almost immediately by phone suggesting I bring Jonathan into the stadium when he got back from his summer trip.

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