Bluestone+Killion, LLC

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Bluestone+Killion LLC grew out of the passion for and personal and business successes achieved by Andy Bluestone and Jack Killion through their networking efforts sharpened over many years in a wide range of business sectors and personal circumstances. We are committed to enhancing the networking and relationship development skills of key difference makers in regional and national professional firms, corporations, non profits and other organizations focused on growing through a continually expanding network of win-win relations.

Between them Andy and Jack have developed successful, sustainable U.S. and global businesses in financial services, multi-media publishing, industrial manufacturing, real estate development, agriculture and entertainment. Win-win networking has been one of the constant driving factors for every success they achieved.

Both Andy and Jack are "students" of networking, taking every opportunity to learn from other high impact networkers while constantly developing new strategies and improved techniques for every part of the networking process. They practice what they teach and coach.

Both are convinced that networking is one of the critical life skills that we all need and that should be taught as a core subject throughout our entire educational system, right along with reading, arithmetic and writing.

They have both advised "C" level executives in various major organizations from corporations to non-profits to government agencies on how they can become more effective networkers.

Both are frequent guest speakers addressing young people on the power of networking. Jack routinely addresses groups of high school students as does Andy who recently was emphasizing the importance of networking to a 7 and 8 year old inner city kids in Newark.

Our Approach to Working with Your Organization

In various ways every organization's training and coaching needs are unique to their industry, corporate culture, people, challenges and opportunities.

Bluestone+Killion has a broad set of networking and client development skills to be brought to bear productively on meeting each organization's unique needs. Services provided range from one-on-one coaching, seminars and highly interactive networking workshops.

Networking and client development topics covered in the services provided are based on client needs and can include:

  • Understanding the pros and cons
  • Hurdles to overcome
  • Key factors for success
  • Networking one-on-one
  • Networking at events
  • Networking in groups
  • Creating your own events and networking groups
  • Developing long term win-win relationships
  • Building a data base and prioritizing your contacts
  • Tools for staying in touch
  • Building your personal brand
  • Using social media effectively

.....and much more

Bluestone+Killion LLC was launched by the partners with the sole purpose of being a vehicle that Jack and Andy can use to work with others motivated to improving their networking skills and understanding that networking will hugely impact every aspect of both their personal and professional lives.

Over the years Andy and Jack have taught 1000s of others to use effective networking as both built their own successful, diversified careers. They have shared their networking passion and expertise with partners, employers, business colleagues, friends, high school and college students and most definitely with their family members.