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Harnesing the Power of Networking

Is Your Firm's Culture a Competitive Advantage?

Every organization has a unique culture. Every law firm has one—whether a one-person firm or a leading international one. Certainly families have their own cultures as do schools, corporations, charities, governments and countries. Cultures can be an important competitive advantage or can drag on performance. In my career as a management consultant, business leader and owner, entrepreneur, adjunct business school professor and board member or tru...

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Our Products

Bluestone + Killion offer a range of Products to help you grow and be more successful.

  • Client Development and Management Service
  • Networking Workshops & Seminars
  • One-On-One Coaching

Bluestone+Killion LLC will work with you and other leaders in your company to develop the right program to coach your key people, the ones who can impact the profitable growth of your business, to develop and apply exceptional networking skills that will lead to new clients and greater involvement with existing clients.

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What is a Network? A network is group of people that have links to one another. These links are most common through work, career activities, family, neighbors, friends, community, religion...the list keeps going on. An aspect that clearly defines and differentiates anyone to someone in your network is the support system. People in the same network lend support, give advice and are available for friendship and help. Think of it this way..a circle with many circle of relationships.

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Successes and Results

Our Successes and Results Show Our Value

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Our Books are written to improve share our skills and improve yours. 

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